Table Tennis Tournaments:

- USATT Tournament Listing 

Private Coaching/Instructions Available:

Coach Herbert
Coaching and Instructing for more than 30 years.
Private Lessons: $40/hour
Schedule will be arranged according to Player and Coach's time.

Contact: (714) 673-5731

Coach Lu
Highest USATT Rating: 2409
Former Chinese Canton Municipal team member and assistant coach.

Private Lessons: $40/hour
Schedule will be arranged according to Player and Coach's time.

Contact: (626) 354-1272

 Ryan  - Congratulations at your achievements at Joseph Bae Open Tournament on 4/6/2013:

2nd Place: U2100 Event

 JoJo - Congratulations for your achievement at Santa Monica Golden Western Open on 3/23/2013!

2nd Place - U1100!

Congratulations to Ryan - U2100 Event 2nd Place at LATTA Open on Feb 2, 2013!

About Team TITZ

 The Team was created to develop junior players with a focus to promote sportsmanship, competition, respect, and a passion for the sport of table tennis.  Coach Herbert's training approach tries to develop the individual player's fundamentals to provide a solid foundation for a player's individual goal.  By developing an individual's table tennis skills (e.g. forehand/backhand loop, blocks, footwork, body position, flips, serves, etc), the player will have a firm foundation to achieve higher level goals.  Once these skillsets have been developed to a level of being natural and instinctive, the next phase for the individual will be to learn tournament strategy and be competitive.  While the student becomes comfortable with the sport of Table Tennis, and develops a competitive edge in tournaments, Coach Herbert further identifies the student's weaknesses/strengths/limitations and provides target training for the individual.  This involves the development of the mental portion of the game, while still providing the technical strength needed for a person to overcome the player's perceived weaknesses.  In addtion to target training, the competitive-level student will be offered the opportunity to train with some of the Nations Top Players - like Coach Lu with his rating as high as 2409 in 2012.  With this training approach delivered to Team TITZ members, the players have been fairly successful sporting to various USATT sanctioned tournaments and obtaining top-level achievements within their individual ranking events.
The vision to promote and build a competitive Junior Table Tennis Team was one of Coach Herbert's many goals long before he was invited to become the Table Tennis coach for the Irvine Chinese School at the South Coast Chinese Cultural Center in 2006.  Since this time, Herbert has positioned many members to be competitive while still promoting the passion for the sport.

Since Sept. 2006, Coach Herbert has not only devoted many hours in developing the Junior Table Tennis Program, volunteering to support the SCCCA Table Tennis Club, but has also spent many hours in supporting the parents to form "Team TITZ".  Several members of Team TITZ (Players) have been competing in USA Table Tennis Organization's sanctioned tournaments and have been fairly successful in the short amount of time training with Coach Herbert.  In addition, while developing and promoting Table Tennis for SCCCA/ICS, Coach Herbert have also provided his experience as a volunteer for many years with the USA Table Tennis Association as a member of their Operations Staff.

For more information about Team TITZ, please contact Ernie Louie at:
about the SCCCA/ICS Table Tennis Club (South Coast Chinese Cultural Center):
Ask for Herbert or Tracy
(949) 559-6868 x572

Coaches for Team TITZ/SCCCA:
Herbert Lau - Head Coach
Coaches: Coffey Lu (Guo Hui Lu); Robert Lee; Kenneth Lee; Ernie Louie; Ryan Louie; Tony Su

Please contact the webMaster for any inaccuracies:

 NOTE:  This website is relevant for Team TITZ members.

Need Paddles, Rubbers, Blades, Cases,etc?
Ask Ernie, Herbert, or go to

SCCCA - Open Play
(Tues and Thurs: 7-9:45pm)

Please visit: SCCCA WebSite (information on schedule / fees) ... Registration. Thank you!

Join OC Ping Pong Meetup and schedule Play dates for the Group, so you know who is attending.

(note: this column is posted as a courtesy to SCCCA and may not have the most updated information.  Please contact SCCCA for the latest information: (949) 559-6868 x572

2013 Memorial-Weekend Tournament Photos:

About SCCCA/ICS Table Tennis Club

Orange County Ping Pong : SCCCA Table Tennis Club is located at the South Coast Chinese Cultural Center in Irvine California.  Neighboring Orange County communities include: Tustin, Tustin Ranch, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Beach, Laguna Woods, Laguna, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Santa Ana, Garden Grove, Fullerton, Placentia, Yorba Linda, and Anaheim - all in Orange County.  The Center was built and established as a Non-Profit Organization in 2005 to service its members and community’s needs on learning theChinese language and culture.  Fortunately, this vision was extended to provide additional programs like Table Tennis, Marital Arts, Badminton and other activities to build the community in Irvine.
As a result, the Center is now the home to Totally In The Zone or "Team TITZ" - a Competitive Junior Table Tennis Team. 
Many have asked "Where can I play ping pong in Orange County?"  Well, SCCCA is open to the public and everyone is welcome to play.

9 Truman Irvine, CA 92620

The SCCCA Table Tennis Center in Irvine, California offers three different Table Tennis Programs with 6-tournament grade Butterfly tables, and one Stiga table.-        Open Program: This program is “Open” to all table tennis / ping pong enthusiasts that would like to play, practice, and train with friends, family, or fellow players at the facility. Many USA Table Tennis members play at the Center.

*NOTE: Center may be closed for special occasions, like holidays without advance notice.

Schedule associated with Open Program:

Tues, Thurs and Saturday:     7:00 – 9:45pm

Room 106, 109, and 111

SCCCA Table Tennis Club Rules

-        Ping Pong Group Lessons Program (Juniors)

-        Private Training Program: This program is structured for players with specific goals, which may require private one-on-one instruction. Lessons are $40.00/hr. and schedules are arranged with the instructor. Please inquire at the Center.

Players train with Private-Instructors for many personal reasons:

o   Learning is inhibited in a group environment.

o   Focused training is required (e.g. Multiball, Serves, 3rd-Ball Attack, Loops, Footwork, Backhand drills, etc.)

o   To identify and develop weak areas of play and develop a strategy to improve the player's strength and correct weaknesses.

o   Exercise for fun and lose weight (one student has lost over 20lbs. in 5 months).

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